October Images (All Alone)

Sara Varenne - A Grade - Merit - Me and Myself

Results from the October competition are now available on the site. If you've paid attention, you may already have spotted them on the competition subjects page, however updating the results doesn't automatically update the home page, so apologies for them not showing up here previously.

Nelson Marlborough Motueka Challenge

The club is looking for a set of 6 digital and 6 print images from club members for this interclub competition. You can submit as many images as you like via the new competition entry system to give club selectors a good variety to choose from, however only one image per member may be selected. Previously entered images in club competitions are fine so long as they haven't been entered in the NMM Challenge before.

New Competition Entry System

By now, members should have received personal login details for a new image submission system for competitions. If you haven't, then please check your spam folder, and if there's still nothing there, please email webmaster@marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz. For now, the existing web submission system is available in parallel as a backup in case you have issues with the new system, but the intent is to phase it out, as the new system will reduce the workload managing competitions. It should also provide benefits to members in that you can keep track of what images you've previously submitted, and it will be easier to confirm your submissions, as rather than waiting for an email confirmation, you'll be able to see immediately on the website if your image has uploaded successfully. Having your own personal login will also enable the club to introduce new features to the website in future if there is demand. Instructions on how to use the new system are here. Please have a go submitting your entries through the new system, and if you have any issues, please provide feedback.

2020 Competition Topics

2020 evaluation/competition topics are now available. The committee is moving to referring to the topics as evaluation topics rather than competition topics, as although some people do like to be competitive, for many people the 'competition' is against themselves to improve their own photography, and while there will always be end of club year trophies that reward consistent performance, people who might not feel 'competitive' should still give the monthly topics a go, as it's a great way to learn and improve your photography.

President's Report

It's been a while since there's been a regular president's report, but now there's a blog section on the website, I'll try to provide monthly updates on what's happening in the club. You can read here.

Cheers, Chris.

Annual Subs Now Due

A reminder that the new club financial year began as of the 1st of July, and subs are now due. If you've already paid, a big thank you. Details on subs are here.

Website Reorganisation

If you are looking for past competition results, you may have noticed a few things have moved. Over the past several years I've been responsible for both the technical side of the website and competition secretary which includes getting results online. In taking on the role of president, I need to simplify the workload so that it's either easier for me short term till I can pass it on to someone else. Currently competition details are in a few different places on the site, but I'm working to move competition results so they're linked directly from the competition calendar page once they become available. This will be easier to edit, and hopefully easier to find, as if you go to the competition calendar page you will see links to results as they're made available, so in just one place you can check details of upcoming club competitions and the results of past ones. If you have any feedback, let me know.

Cheers, Chris.

AGM and Shot of the Year

Landscape Digital, Barbara Wilson Trophy - Helen Rietveld and Denise Manning

Following the AGM, the club has a new committee who are Chris Cookson (president), Lynette Bainbridge (secretary), Heike Richter (treasurer), Harry Matthews, Carol Spaulding, Damaris Warnick, and Stuart Wilson.

Images that were placed in Shot of the Year along with commentary on all images entered is now available on the website. There is also a report with photos of trophy recipients.


If you're new to the club, you may not be aware that Marlborough Camera Club is part of a bigger family of photographers. PSNZ or the Photographic Society of New Zealand, is the national organisation that represents photography enthusiasts (neither MCC nor PSNZ care whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, you've just got to love photography) in NZ, and this club is an afiliated club. PSNZ has its own workshops, competitions and awards, some which you need to be a member of PSNZ to participate in, but there are opportunities, even if you're just a member of your local club. (If you join both PSNZ and MCC, you get a small discount on your MCC membership). The judges who critique our monthly competitions are drawn from a pool of PSNZ accredited judges from around the country. You certainly don't have to be a member of PSNZ to enjoy the club, however if you're already confident in your photography, and want additional challenges and opportunities to take your photography to the next level, PSNZ membership might be a worthwhile progression for you.

Recent Field Trips

You can view reports on all field trip reports, whether or not they they're featured on the home page, by selecting the year you want to view reports for from the Field Trips and Events menu at the top of the page.

E-Ko Tours Field Trip report

A write up and images for the June field trip are now available online.

Disagreement - Nola Neal

Pine Valley Field Trip

If you haven't already seen it, there's a report under 2019 Field Trips on the May trip to Pine Valley.

Natalie Smith

Photo News

The club is looking at reviving Photo News in a blog format on the club website. If you have an interesting story that might be of interest to other club members, or are prepared to provide a member profile about yourself and your photographic interests, let Robyn Carter or Chris Cookson know.

External Competitions

There's a new page under competitions tab with a list of external competitions, both PSNZ affiliated and others that may be of interest to members. These are often mentioned in email newsletters, but it's easy to forget what's in emails, so they're getting their own page on the website so that you can easily check what's coming up.

Competition Entries and  Rules

The web based competition submission form is working well and can be found on the web site under competitions -> Image Submission.

The submission system makes sure that individual images are submitted correctly, but it does not check how many images you have submitted. Several members are failing to follow the published rules on the web site and submitting more images than are allowed in a category. Unfortunately these additional images cannot be awarded points, as this would be unfair to members who stick to the rules.