Set Subject

Judge: Simon Forsyth


Set Subject
C Grade

Clean Car Dirt Track
This is a great image. The car features large in the image. 
I would lighten the image by up to a stop. The highlights in the background should be brighter. Also, I would lighten the shadows a little to show more detail.
Composition wise I would crop out the left orange cone. 
Well done!

A Grade

Car Temple
This is an interesting image. I like the way you have presented this. 
I want to study this image to see all the detail. 
Composition is good. I would brighten the image somewhat and reduce the amount of vignetting around the edges as I personally think it is a bit overdone.
This could make a good image printed large and on a wall.

Veterans Outing
Another nice image, but I feel it’s a record shot. 
I would have tried to get an angle other that at eye height. 
I feel that the white balance needs adjusting as it feels a bit blue. Also, I would open up the shadows somewhat. I feel the meter has been fooled by the whites and the reflection on the windscreen.

Open Prints
A Grade

A ride to Nowhere
I like the effect here. I would dial back the texture a bit though. Also, I feel the light coloured mat detracts from the image.
Composition is good with the cyclists a third into the image, and the path going diagonally across the image. 

Aorere River
I find this image very busy with all the texture of the rock and the movement in the water. I feel there isn’t a focal point to rest the eye on. My eye keeps darting all over the image. The bright area at the left draws my eye.
Maybe playing with the cropping would help centring on what looks like a cave in the wall.
Also, the image looks like it has been over sharpened.
Not Accepted

Floating Banana 
This is a great image. Its well thought out and executed. 
I would lighten the shadows on the left end of the banana and the skin at the bottom. Also look at removing the stray bits on the third slice. 
Well done!

This is a nice record shot to say that you were there, but I feel it needs something more to give it impact.
I would increase the contrast somewhat and darken the sky. If you had been there in a storm with dark foreboding clouds, they would add more drama to the image.
Not Accepted

Digital Images

Set Subject

C Grade

Concours d’Elegance, Trujillo
A well exposed and thought out image. I like the fact that you have angled the line of cars diagonally cross the image. Also, the angling of the cobblestones works to move the eye across the image.
The position of the woman is good, being nearly on the right third line.
Personally, I would crop the top to remove most of the light tent as light areas do draw the viewer to them. I don’t think this will detract from the subject at all.
Well done.

Fasten Your Seatbelt
The image is well exposed here. Maybe the highlights could be toned down a bit to reduce the brightness of the whites on the wreck. 
Personally, I would crop the left side somewhat. As it is presented the left third of the image doesn’t add anything to it. I would crop just to the left of the wreck making sure to balance the picture.

Flying Quarter Mile
Good use of panning here with everything apart from the car being blurred. You have left more space on the left as opposed to the right which is good. 
Processing is great, although I would reduce the saturation a little. 
Maybe you could crop the top and bottom somewhat, especially the top to remove the bright area.
Well done!

Ford, Bodega Bouza, Montevideo
Great framing here. 
Exposure is good although I would lighten the bottom a little. 
Maybe you could crop the left to make it closer to the hood.

Lets Get Moving
Another good example of panning. Also, exposure is good. 
About the only thing I would suggest is cropping the bottom to the edge of the grass to drop the car lower. I feel this will give more impact to the car.
Well done!

Light on Blue Car
I like the fact that you have filled the image with the light. The placement and angle of the light works well. 
Processing is great with the metallic paint showing up well. Maybe you could add some light to the shadows around the bottom right.
When photographing shiny things in detail such as this it is important to look for all the spots and dust etc as it will show up in the finished image.

Triumph Reflection
 For me the subject is the mudguard. Therefore, I would crop the bonnet out completely. I would also tone down the sunspot as it draws the eye to it. Maybe you could also crop out the edge of the headlight as that also attracts the eye.
I would lighten the wheel and arch as being very dark I feel it tends to draw the viewer away from the rest of the image.

A Grade

I like the treatment you have given this image. All I would suggest here is toning down the highlights a bit more and adding a bit of light to the shadows to reveal slightly more detail. If you look at the histogram there is clipping at both the left and right ends. 

This is an interesting image. I feel it requires the viewer to spend time studying the image to see what is in it.
Exposure etc. is good and my only suggestion would be to increase contrast and darken the blacks somewhat.
AS it is, I feel the central VW logo is completely dominant to the extent that the other logos get lost.
I suggest having another play with the processing to see if you can improve it.

D Licence
A good idea here. Personally, I feel there are some things that can be done to improve this.
I would crop out the rear window at the left. Also, I find the door handle distracting being shiny. I would crop the bottom to just above it. 
I would lighten the whites a little to lighten the dog. Maybe also you could darken the blacks a bit.

Ghosting Cars
I can appreciate the idea here, but I don’t think it worked.
I find the ghosting on the subject itself distracting. Personally, I think the image would work better if the ghosts were actually behind the subject. Maybe you could erase the ghosting on the actual subject.
Exposure and framing are good.
Not Accepted

Lichen It
Exposure is good here.
Framing is good but let down by the van in the window. Learn to study the image before you push the shutter. Could you have shifted the van or changed your viewpoint, so it wasn’t in the frame?
You could crop the image tighter by cropping most of the window out and some of the bottom and right, but I feel the weathered part of the vehicle actually is an important part of the image.
Not Accepted

Looking for Traction
I feel that this image would benefit from some cropping to make the car more dominant. 
Most of the right side adds nothing to the image and can be removed. I would crop the right off to the rusted fence post. I would also crop out a good amount of the sky as being light it draws the viewer away from the subject. Maybe you could also a bit off the left to leave more space in front of the car.
Increasing the exposure by about half a stop and playing with the other adjustments after you have cropped it will, I feel, improve the image.
If you make these adjustments, you will improve the scoring.
Not Accepted

Morris 8
I like the fact that you have use black and white in this image. It works well and shows the blemishes in the bodywork. 
All the featureless black around the subject seems to me to be unnecessary. Also, the out of focus stuff at the right is distracting. 
I would crop most of the top off and the right off to just forward of the grille. Also, if you can I would darken the remaining highlights in the background.

Naturally Aged
Well seen!
I like the colours here. It works well.
All I would suggest here is cropping out the bar at the bottom as I feel it draws the viewer away from the rest of the paintwork. Maybe you could also Tone down the highlights on the headlight.

No More Ride
I like what you have done here.  Framing is good.
I would personally make a few changes. If you look at the histogram there is nothing in the white area. The clouds should be lighter in my opinion.
I would increase exposure by around ¾ of a stop so that the histogram just kisses the right end. This would also lighten the vignette a bit which I feel is good.
Well done for seeing this and the angle you have shot it from etc.

Porters Pass
I feel the meter has been fooled her by all the white. It looks gray and blue. I suggest you adjust the processing and do a custom White Balance to correct this. If you look at the histogram most of the information is around the centre, which means the meter has thought the snow should be mid gray. This is how a meter is calibrated. 
If you increase the exposure by a stop then tone down the highlights somewhat you will improve this. And the histogram will be much further to the right.
I’m not sure how this fits into the set subject really as there are no cars in the image.
Not Accepted

Pride of the Workshop
I like the angle here. Being low really shows the shape of car. Also, black and white helps show the textures.
I would darken the light patch at bottom left as it does tend to attract the eye. 
I would increase exposure by 60%, reduce the highlights by 25% and darken the blacks by 20%. The reason I darken the blacks is because it darkens the rear left slightly to remove the distraction.

Spit and Polish
This is a nicely seen image. The contrast between the red and the brass is great.
I would firstly crop out the very top to just above the radiator cap. To me the straight horizontal line of the windscreen is distracting.
I would increase exposure by 60% and contrast by 5-10%. 
Increasing light in the shadows by around 50% will show a bit more detail on the front of the can. I would reduce the whites by 5-10%.

Tibetan Monastery
A nicely composed shot, but I can’t see how this relates to the set subject. 
Personally, I feel the contrast is too great and can be lowered. I would increase the exposure by half a stop, reduce the highlights by 50% and increase the shadows light by 65-70%. This will bring back details in the light area and bring up a little detail in the shadows 

Too Big a Load
I like the placement of the truck in this image. It fills the frame nicely.
If you look at the histogram all the information is down at the shadows area. I feel that this could benefit from some more processing. I would increase exposure by half a stop and increase the shadows slider by around 70% to lift the detail on the haystack. Also, I feel the white balance is a bit cold and doing an auto white balance will warm it up a little.

Warrant of Fitness Expired
This is well seen. I feel that you could have moved around the subject a bit so the ridge in the bonnet is straighter in the image. At present it is on an angle.     
Using a toned monochrome treatment works well here.
If you look at the histogram you should see that most of the detail occurs in the centre of it which signifies mid gray tones. I think the meter may have been fooled by the bright highlights on the grille. If you use the auto develop button you should get a brighter image. Then I would adjust from there. I would increase exposure by about half a stop and adjust the rest of the sliders accordingly. 
I think it’s worth going back and seeing how the adjustments improve the image.

Well done for looking for something different.
Framing wise I would crop the left to the edge of the wiper. 
I would increase exposure by about half a stop and increase the contrast by 5-10%. Educe the highlights by around 45-50% and open the shadows by around 30%. Finally darken the blacks by around 25%.
This image may also benefit from being presented as a toned monochrome.



C Grade

Peaceful Night in Harbour
This is well exposed. All I would do is reduce the highlights in processing. 
The light is well paced on the left vertical third.
I find my eye moving between the sign to the right of the light and the dinghy on the right. I kind of want to know more about the dinghy and the buoys in front of it. 
I feel there is nothing really connecting the two parts.
I would crop abut a third off the bottom to reduce the amount of light glare and balance the image. I would also level up the image.

Tasty Tagines in Morocco
An interesting viewpoint here. I like the fact you have used a diagonal angle on the trough and pots. 
For me, the orange and white background is a bit overbearing and I would rectify this by cropping out the top row. Maybe you could also crop the bottom to just below the top of the trough at the right.
Processing is good and I wouldn’t recommend any changes.
Well seen.

Calla Lily
I like the angle you have used here looking straight down the lily.
Exposure is good.
Maybe you could crop tighter by cropping off some of both the top and bottom.
Personally, I feel this needs more depth of field so more of the flower is in focus. Close up photography can be difficult as the depth of filed gets less the closer you are. Probably you need to stop down another three stops to get the needed depth of field and focus more into the flower. The other option if you have a camera that can do it is to focus stack.

Sunny the Giraffe
Nicely presented here. I like the angle of the head in the image. 
Turning this into a monochrome works well and you could also look at toning it.
I would reduce the highlights so the bright part around the ear doesn’t draw the eye so much. 
I would also lighten the nose, so it doesn’t get lost in the black of the background. Also do the same at the top.
Very nice!

A Grade

Engulfed in Sand
Nicely framed here.
I feel that as presented here it’s too dark.
I would use the auto button in develop to get a start on processing. This gave me adjustments of E +60, C +7, H -53, S +79, W +41, B -14. Next I would do some local adjustments, especially in the shadow area at the left.
I feel it also needs adjustment to the white balance. 
I think that the meter has been fooled by the bright area on the door.
Not Accepted

Pacifica Performer
Framing is good here. 
Colour is good. I would increase exposure by half a stop, reduce the highlights a bit and increase the light in the shadows. 
If you could darken the stray hand at the left it would reduce its dominance.

Refracted Gerberra
I like the framing here with the out of focus red background.
All I would do here is increase exposure by around half a stop and reduce the highlights as there is detail in the bud that can be brought back.

Roo Family
A nice shot here, but it is really just a record shot. It’s well exposed and framed, however it doesn’t have any wow factor. 

Shades of Autumn
I like what you have seen here. The centre eye really stands out. 
Personally, I would crop tighter to remove some of the yellowish part at the right. I would also crop out some of the reflections on the bottom leaf.
Exposure etc is good.
I would go back and play with the cropping to see if you can give it more pop.

Sunrise over Tapu Bay
A nice well composed image here. 
The colours are great. 
I would reduce the highlights a little but not much other processing is required.
Maybe you could crop some off the bottom to give it more of a panoramic shape but that is a matter of personal choice.

Results (pdf)