Last Updated: 9-8-2016 14:36

You have up to midnight on the 2nd Thursday of each month (club meeting) to send your digital images for the current competition to the competition secretary.

After the competition entry deadline, please wait seven days before submitting images for the next competition so that images from different competitions don't get mixed up.

After you have resized them (see ‘How to resize your images’), save them into a folder where they are easily found. This could be on your desktop or, start an folder called ‘Competition Images’ so you at least have a record of what images you have entered over the years.

Go to the Image Submission page on this web site and log in. (You should have been emailed the user name and password)

Fill out the form, and at the bottom where the form says Select Image File click on the button to locate the image you want to send on your computer. The form will not let you send an image if it is too big, or you have not filled out all the details.

Once sent successfully, you should see a message on screen that your message was sent and receive an email confirmation of the file that you sent, renamed according to the naming rules used by the competition secretary.

You can send digital copies of prints the same way.

There is a nice visual guide to how to submit images available by clicking the link below:

Guide to submitting competition images (pdf)