On Sunday 24th July a large group of keen photographers, models, makeup artists, and hairstylists came together at the Boathouse Theatre to take part in a brilliant portraiture workshop.

There was plenty of opportunity for great photography on the day, in both the morning and afternoon sessions, with 8 patient models done up in various outfits throughout the day, 

The use of the Boathouse Theatre’s extensive lighting meant we all got to photograph in conditions many of us have never had the chance to be in.

Tony, an 89 year old model loved being the centre of attention, with many members hearing stories of his many experiences in life. 

Many thanks go to, Lisa, Margaret, and Ray Gauden-Ing, for their assistance in arranging the theatre, organising the fantastic costumes we had available, and controlling the lights for us. Denise Manning, for her dedication in finding models and being a big help on the day, the models, stylists and makeup artists, and last but certainly not least, Ruth Gill, who spent all day tirelessly working with the models without taking a single photograph.

Without the above people this fantastic event would never have happened, many members think that this event should be an annual event, ideal for cold winter days!





Ricky Wilson