Bruce Girdwood visited the Marlborough Camera Club in February 2016:  he commented on images submitted for the competition "Slow shutter speed" which he judged.  He also gave a very interesting and stimulating presentation in which he showed images as originally made in camera.  Then he showed the transformed images which were his perception and vision of the scenes at the time the photographs were made - they were lovely.  The concept of consciously achieving the realisation of your vision of a scene in post processing requires skilled observation as well as ability to convey your personal interpretations.

Bruce gave a 2-day weekend Workshop at Rarangi - "The Art of Seeing" - which was attended by 12 members of our Club and Barbara Burry from Hanmer Springs.  The weather was great and some of us enjoyed dinner together at Arbour on Saturday evening.  Without overwhelming the participants with his own superb photography skills (which some workshops tend to do), Bruce gave concise and well thought through presentations which encouraged self expression - being oneself - and provided the basics on which to develop our photography.  That he was successful was manifest in images made by participants around Rarangi.  Bruce did cover slow shutter speed but much more besides.  He was generous in providing all workshop tuition material on his website which is accessible to those who attended.  If you have not yet participated in one of Bruce's workshops -  it is a very valuable experience and good for all levels.  Many thanks to those who helped to set-up and clean-up the Community Hall and particularly to Trevor Dennis who dealt with all the projection needs.