Marlborough Camera Club was asked to have a stand at the Home Show the weekend of the 8th July 2016. Margaret Anderson, Eunice Belk and Robyn Carter worked quietly behind the scenes to get it all together and organised a roster of people to ‘man’ the stand over the three day period

Here are a few images taken on the phone camera of our bay for those who did not manage to get in to have a look.  We were complimented by management of the show for our display and the public seemed interested in the images on display, and ready to chat to those who were rostered on.

As well as the images on the three stands, we had a computer and screen set up as a slide show which also generated a lot of interest. 

If all the people who said they would come along to our meeting this Thursday with a view to joining the club, then it may be standing room only on Thursday night, and we will have a big influx of new members.  If this happens then it will be well worth the effort.

Many thanks to Ross and Chris Beech, and Ricky for delivering, setting up and dismantling the stands and to Rosie Darling and Barbara Taylor who helped set up the prints.  Also thanks for those who helped man the display – Chris Piper, Ross Beech, Lynnette Bainbridge, Lisa Gauden-Ing, Sara Varenne, Ricky Wilson, Ruth Gill, Iain Galloway, Nola Neal, Sue Clifford, Prin Kim, Joy Brehaut.  Your help was very much appreciated by the Marlborough Camera Club.

Thanks also to Trevor Dennis who did a great job producing a poster for us in the last few days before he went on holiday.


Eunice Belk and Robyn Carter

Project Oganisers