Five of us met at the carpark 6.30am and the weather not looking great, overcast, no stars but we were positive and putting our faith in the forecast.  Ward Beach a hive of activity with fishing boats being launched but we didn’t have time to watch that as the skies were lighting up in the East.  Down the beach we went for a good view and setting up of the tripods, each one of us finding a flat bed of rock amongst the craggy and difficult to walk on, seabed uplift.  As promised the skies lit up in colour, pink, orange, purple.  Not the most magnificent sunrise I have witnessed, but good enough.

Another club member arrived in her own car so that made six of us altogether.  After we lost the lovely light we had a cuppa and then made our way to the Waddy property on the outskirts of Seddon.  Beautiful farmland, stunning  morning, peaceful.  Charles kindly took us to the waterfall base in his ute which saved a hard slog across the boggy paddocks.  We clambered up a steep hill for a front on view of the waterfall, about 80 feet high Charles reckoned.  It was spectacular but the sun was very bright so we clambered down again and viewed the fall from the base where we were able to manoeuvre around the rocks and find a position to photograph from.  The things we put our camera gear through, with a misty wet spray, treacherous tripod positions etc etc however no incidents and we left very happy people.  Many thanks to Charles for allowing us to visit and his assistance.