Last Updated: 7-11-2016 19:42

Report of Marlborough Camera Club Committee meeting held on November 1st, 2016

  1.  A grant of $500 has been received from the Redwood Town Trust towards the Club’s meeting expenses during 2017.
  2. There are still some outstanding membership subscriptions.  The Treasurer will issue a final notice.
  3. The Membership Secretary reported there are 2 new members of the club.  She has prepared a set of notes for new members and a guide for image submissions.  These notes were accepted and will be given to all new members.
  4. Club night speakers for 2017 were reviewed.  In February it is planned to invite members to show a few of their holiday photographs rather than invite a speaker.
  5. The Christmas Party will be held at Kate McKinnon’s home on Thursday November 24th at 1505 Waihopai Valley Road.
  6. 4th Thursday workshops:  Ideas for these from members are required.  A sheet to be circulated at the November club night to collect ideas.
  7. Seddon Shield:  A preliminary draft program has been achieved and sub committees dealing with the Salon, Field Trips, Catering, Accommodation, Sponsorship, etc. are at work sorting out details.  Jon Coe and Irene Callaghan from Nelson who headed up last year’s Seddon Shield have been most helpful
  8. It was unanimously agreed “that the Natural History and Landscape Competitions have points awarded according to the individual’s grade, but the Trophies are awarded to the overall best Image regardless of the individual’s grade”.  Landscape and natural history images previously entered in an Open competition may only be entered in these competitions if they were rated Non-Acceptance.  Up to now these competitions have been ungraded.  This decision will be reflected on the club’s website re competitions and on the Home page.
  9. Rules of the Camera Club agreed at the 2016n AGM to be included in the Website under “About Us” – Section “Rules”
  10. The set subjects and most of the Judges for these have been finalised.  To be posted on the club website.
  11. There will be a mobile phone print competition in January 2017 with hand-ins to the Harvey Norman Photo Centre by the end of January.  This to be advertised to the public.

Gillian Clover, President MCC