Last Updated: 26-9-2016 13:36

September 6th 2016, Committee meeting – Summary of matters discussed

It was decided to apply to the Redwood Trust for funding to cover some expenses in 2017 as it is essential that the Club continue to depreciate costly items of equipment, retain its capital, and also ensure it can invite visiting speakers and provide gifts for competition judges.

The new members of the Committee – George turner (Treasurer), Kellie Morton and Stella Machado were welcomed.

The programs for the 2nd and 4th Thursday Club nights for October-February were discussed and will be posted on the Club website and via email.

Field Trips:  Taylor Dam.  Upcot Station postponed until the autumn.

Scott Fowler Workshop:  arrangements were finalised.  To be held in the Mercy Room at St. Mary’s with photography at Brayshaw Park.

A Workshop on Mobile Phone photography may be held in early 2017. 

The new club laptop computer has had antivirus, Microsoft and accounting software installed.  It is to be calibrated with the Club’s projector.  It will also be used for selection of images for interclub competitions.  The Treasurer will take care of the laptop.

The set subject proposals for 2017 were reviewed and a few changes made.  Denise Manning is to assign subjects to months, and a small subcommittee will recommend judges for each competition.

Seddon Shield:  Blenheim hosts this event in 2017 and action will be taken to form a Committee for this event.  Carolyn Hope has agreed to undertake the Salon.  The event will be held at the Port Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park, Waikawa in late August 2017.  The Committee agreed to support the nomination of Irene Callaghan as Secretary of the SS to succeed Roger Thwaites who is retiring from this position.

The Nelson Marlborough Challenge will be held on 25th March, 2017.

The Club’s Christmas Party will be held on Thursday November 24th – venue to be decided.

Next meeting – October 11th 2016.