Last Updated: 15-10-2020 17:05

Sign-Up for field Trips

At the start of the month, details of the field trip venue, departure time and meeting place, date, and leader should be circulated within the Club bulk email.  This email should also include the email address and/or telephone number of the field trip leader.

A sign-up sheet for field trips will be circulated at the 2nd Thursday meeting, a copy of which is attached.  Alternatively, for those who would like to attend the field trip but cannot make the club night meeting or are not sure of their availability, they should email the trip leader providing personal details as per sign-up sheet by no later than Wednesday prior to the trip.

In circumstances where numbers may be limited (i.e. boat trips or limited transport access), spaces will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

If someone has signed up and cannot make the trip, they should let the trip leader know as soon as possible so that the group is not waiting around for them unnecessarily on the departure day.

Inclement weather

In the event of inclement weather, the field trip leader will make a decision as to whether or not the trip is to go ahead.  Any such decision must be made by 3.00 pm the day before.  The trip leader will email participants of this cancellation.  It is the responsibility of each participant to look at their email on the afternoon/evening before the trip to check for cancellation or change of plan.

Day of the Trip

The Leader should:

  • Ensure the first aid kit is taken on the trip
  • Do a head count at the meeting point to ensure all people that have signed up are in attendance.  Also do a vehicle count of those vehicles going on the trip and record registration numbers.  Ensure those vehicles are suitable for the terrain.  All this is to ensure no-one gets lost from the party and are safe.
  • Brief attendees on the area being visited, and advise of any safety issues that might arise.  Leader must ensure the following is included
    • Treat all private property with due care and respect.
    • Remove all personal rubbish from the field trip area – if you bring something, it goes home with you!
    • Leave all flora and fauna as you find them.  Minimise disturbance to birds and animals, i.e. move quietly and do not talk!
    • If you intend to leave the FT early, please let the Leader know.
    • The FT Leader will set the time and the place for the end of the trip and ensure that all participants are accounted for.
    • Advise the FT Leader of any medical conditions that may affect you during the trip and be aware of your own fitness level – do not do anything that may put your health or others’ health at risk.
    • Disclaimer:  the FT Leader is not responsible for the personal safety and/or welfare of any members attending the field trip.  Safety warnings must be adhered to.

After the trip

Those who undertook the trip are asked to email to the leader any photos (small JPgs) that they really like so that these can feature on the website and field trip report.  The Leader should also liaise with the committee/subcommittee regarding any potential interclub competition images in the event that a group of images can be collated for an upcoming national competition.