[results March – Judge – Irene Callaghan]


Food and drink evoke many emotional responses and the challenge is to illicit some of these reactions by the various ways in which food and drink can by portrayed through photography: feast, famine, gluttony, humour, gourmet, etc., or potential for creativity with wonderful ingredients. Let your imagination have a ball but do not make too much mess in the kitchen.


[results April – Judge: Rosita Manning]

This is your chance to be creative with your photography, either in camera, or using software. Creative Focus completion opens in May, so here’s your chance to get some images ready for that. To get some ideas, head to 2017’s creative focus images that were placed http://www.creative-focus.co.nz/cf/


[results May – Judge: Bruce Shanks]

This Competition is for the Natural History Trophy. For this competition you may enter up to two prints and/or two digital images (a total of four images). Competition is ungraded but points are awarded as usual. The overall winning print and winning digital will each have a trophy awarded at the annual prize giving in 2018. Please see the Club Natural History rules.


[results June – Judge: Michele Usher]

Go bright. Go Vivid. Saturated Colour Galore! High Dynamic Range images and rich images. Bring out your colour expressionist and make your images explode across the canvas. There are lots of sources for inspiration … Pete Turner was an American photographer and one of the first masters of colour photography. He was voted as one of the 20 most influential photographers or all time. David Hockney is an English artist who was an important contributor to the pop art movement of the 1960s. Henri Matisse is a French artist known for both his use of colour, especially from 1943 onwards.


[results at Awards Function in August] previously entered Shot of the Year images may be not be entered again however images entered into club competitions during the year may be entered into Shot of the Year.    [Judge Graham Dainty]

a) There are three categories: Colour Print, Monotone Print, and Projected Image.

b) ONE entry in each category may be submitted, and entries are to be handed in at the June meeting.

c) The subject in each category is: “OPEN”, unless otherwise stated in the competition programme.

d) PRINTS are to be mounted to the dimensions stated in Rule 3 above. Digital Images should be in accordance with Rule 4 above.

e) Previously entered photos in the ‘Shot of the Year competition’ are not eligible for entry again.

f) A Trophy will be awarded to the winner of each category.


[results July – Judge: Tracey Scott]

Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath. These describe the depravity of the human condition. Awesome scope for fantasy and set piece photography ranging from the exquisitely intricate to the divinely simple.


[results August – Judge: Ann Bastion]

This is your chance to photograph any plant life, flowers, roots, vegetables, leaf. But without the constraints of Natural history, so you can be creative if you wish and change backgrounds. You may want to go macro and shoot just part of a leaf or flower. For inspiration check out what other photographers have done here


[results September – Judge: Lynn Clayton (digitals) Irene Callaghan (prints)

A travel image must express the feeling of a time and place, and portray a land, its distinctive features or culture in its natural state. There are no geographical limitations. Close up pictures of people or objects would desirably include distinguishable environment. Techniques that remove or relocate any element of the original image except by cropping are not desirable. All adjustments must appear natural. Conversion to full monochrome is acceptable. Derivations, including infrared are unacceptable. These are just guidelines, but it is the essence of the image that is important. Travel images can encompass anywhere in the world, including New Zealand.

For some inspiration: National Geographic Travel Photography Tips or Conde Nast Travel Photography Tips. And some images for inspiration.


[results October – Judge: Brian Harmer]

Dilapidated, run down, ramshackle, worn out, tumbledown, in disrepair, ruined, in ruins, falling to pieces, falling apart, rickety, creaky, decrepit, deteriorating, crumbling. The old, the broken, the rusted, the forgotten. For some inspiration: Abandoned Buildings in Italy or Urbex Central in New Zealand


[results November – Judge: John Reid (digitals); Don Kelly (prints)]

Trophy for prints and digitals. These will be announced and presented at the Awards function in August

Scenes featuring areas of land. These may include areas of coastal land with sea, lake or other water feature included. This Landscape competition has two trophies attached, the Liz Davidson PRINT trophy which is for New Zealand Landscapes/Seascapes only and the DIGITAL trophy which is unrestricted is the Barbara Wilson Trophy. Up to two prints and two digitals per person can be submitted. (Digital files of the prints are also to be submitted). Images of landscapes shown throughout the year will be eligible for re-entry. The competition is ungraded but points will be awarded as per normal competitions. As per PSNZ Rules - Photographs which capture a sense of “space” and “place” and tell a story of the scene before the camera. A landscape will typically combine elements of earth, sea or sky.  The image may include human elements for scale and context but not to the extent that they become the prominent element. Creative enhancement of the image is acceptable provided that the resulting image still reflects the essential story of what is seen in that landscape.


[results February 2019 – Judge: Bruce Girdwood]

Photography rules - love them or hate them, follow them as absolutes or maintain them as guidelines. Here is your chance to take those rules and push them about to see what magical things can happen to your images when you break the rules. Check out National Geographic tips. Take the photo the way you see it, not the way other people tell you to see.


[hand in February 2019 – Judge: Roger Thwaites]

We live in a perfect place to collect images of harvesting, but it doesn’t have to be all grapes and wine. It could be from your own garden, or down on the farm. The sky is the limit here. Here’s some inspiration!