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Marlborough August Print Competition Irene Callaghan APSNZ

Thank you to the Marlborough Club for once again entrusting me with their images. As usual the critiques are my opinion only. 

Melbourne Coastline.
A very good viewpoint from which to record the scene. I feel that for the small size of the print, you have tried to cram in a little too much information. A longer exposure in the late evening with the city lights may have evened out the texture of the water and the clouds, but we can't always be there at the perfect time when travelling. I like that you have included some foreground as this has strengthened the composition.

Political Rally, Piccadilly Circus.
Initially I was thinking of a crop off the left side of the image, between the man walking up the steps, and the man standing side on. However I found the two men sitting on the steps to the left of the image very interesting, and feel they add to the atmosphere. I am interested in the buildings on either side and would perhaps have liked to see a little more included.The lighting is a little flat, and a little more contrast and warmth may help the colours to pop.

The Helmet.
You have spotted some nice detail and the monotone suits the image. The hair adds texture and makes me curious about the character wearing it. The helmet detail at the top is a little close to the matt and my eye keeps trying to leave the image. I realise bringing it down would lose the symmetry slightly. The simple background works well.

Zaanse Schans.
The orange sail contrasts well with the blues of the sky and water in the image, and the composition is well thought out. I would like the top of the sail to be sitting within the image and this may be just hidden by the top of the matt?
You have captured a slice of life completely different to our own and it has held my attention .

Haukland Textures - Norway.
I always appreciate when something different is attempted and I always appreciate a high key image. I can feel the isolation, and wonder what sort of life the people have who may use the small building in the distance on the right, possibly to store their boat.
In my opinion you have tried to include too much texture and information in this image, particularly the sky which overwhelms with its brightness. Possibly isolating one area may have worked more for you.
Not Accepted.

A lovely portrait of a cheeky bird. I am quite okay with the softness of the feathers as this helps to direct our eye to the eye which is sharp. 
The background is well controlled with the large aperture, and the muted colour frames the subject but gives a supporting role. Composition works well with the kea looking into the space over its shoulder. 

Late Winter Blooming.
An artistic print which I feel has an ethereal quality to it. there is a combination of  two types of flowers which are possibly combined in layers. The background image has been softened, and supports the top image of the beautiful tulip. The three colours of  cream/ green and purple combine well and the diagonals give strength to the  composition. 

Spots Before Your Eyes.
All I can say is 'wow'. This graphic image is beautifully presented and is flawless in its execution. It is balanced to perfection and the blacks and whites showcase  the image's crispness. It would look very nice on my wall! Congratulations, your hard work has paid off.

Digital Images Lynn Clayton Hon. PSNZ, APSNZ, EFIAP, ESFIAP

3 boats This is a good Travel image, shows the beautiful architecture as well as the boats. I think the title is underwhelming, it states the obvious. The name of the city would have been more interesting. I like the composition and the fact you have not over processed it.
A Moth at Omaka - this is not strictly speaking a Travel photo however it is a mode of Travel. It is an excellent record of this plane. Sharp. The plane is a little tight in the frame.
old and new I like the fact you are showing us the old stone wall against a modern facade. However there is a lot going on. I would have cropped off the lower third excluding the steps and people! The lighting is very flat and even. Try and shoot late evening or early morning.
Still Unloved Delightful reflections- the boats at the back seem clearer than the main old boat. And the main boat, if possible, could have had empty space between it and the ones behind. This is where it helps to be very tall!
Balloons at dawn Turkey A beautiful image well composed however there is a lot of noise in the balloons. I feel you have pushed the processing too much .
Cardrona Alpine Resort HONOURS —. A delightful overview of Cardrona, love the wisps of fog. Well exposed and composed. A good travel shot, the touch of red helps.
Mitre Peak Milford Sound NZ I feel this image has too much sky and water..a good crop into the peaks area strengthens the composition considerably. The bush area have no detail what so I feel the time of day and or lighting was not in your favour. Remember photography is about light.
Mongolian bridge A very good record of this quaint bridge, the modern vehicle on it creates interest, well exposed and composed.
Queen Charlote Sound A beautiful area - I want to see more input from the photographer. A unique point of view perhaps. This is a lovely image, but what did you do other than jump out of the car and push the button? An hour earlier might have created some magic?
Bright eyes This could have been an Honours- however it is just far too soft. In B grade I expect the basics to be achieved. Sorry.
Family Outing on St Kilda Beach Now you are in A grade I expect more from you. This is a grab shot, middle of the afternoon lighting . It is a lovely photo for your family album .
Ferry Terminal Paihia I like the fact you found an elevated perspective. The sky is interesting. It records the scene well but doesn’t really excite me to want to go there. Nothing happening.. a boat in the foreground would have helped, sometimes one has to wait for the action to happen.
Grand Mosque Selfie Well composed , although you’ve almost cut off their feet. My eye keeps going to the older woman’s waist line. Simple to remove the bump lines ...
Liberty I love it when people find a different perspective, however this is too static and lacks definition in the concrete. It is one of those almost an honours but missed the point images. I want to enjoy it but it isn’t working for me.... sorry.
Market gardening, rural Brazil Brazil or Pukekohoe, looks the same! Too much sky and no action. A passing grab shot. Try and stop and engage with the people and look more into the vegetable rows rather than the big over view.
NZ Tramping As a Travel photo this shows the bush nicely; however the two people are not adding to the scene. They are bunched together and their backs are uninteresting. Well exposed and sharp.
Photo Tourist-Norway In A grade I expect more compositionally, people walking out of the image isn’t a great look. This scene could be in NZ or lots of places.. try and take these images at sunset or first light... and be careful not to push the colour too much.
Picton Fireworks are very difficult and you have stopped these nicely. The black sky is less attractive than the deep indigo skies often Seen in great firework shots. Watch the small white light patch on the left side..
Picturesque Plockton I love the old wooden boats against the scenic backdrop. I might have tried to have fewer boats and move in close to them and looked up at that rocky hill.
South Bank, Brisbane A lovely little view taken unfortunately when the sun was bright, try late evening or first light. The child adds to the image. The trees coming in on the right are uncomfortable as they don’t have a base.
Architectual Subject I like the composition although it could have had a tad more space beneath the circle. I keep looking at the reflections trying to work them out, a little distracting. I feel you could have exposed this a little differently.
From the Train I am not sure what has happened here as the image is rather soft and pixelated on my screen and Muddy. The concept is great, but the heavy vignette is of concern too. I’d like you to revisit this as it has lots of potential.

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