On Sunday the 19th of June six members and one prospective member of the Camera Club met in the dark before 7.am, car-pooled and then drove to Havelock. 
There was a stunning sunrise sky as we left Blenheim. The sky was brilliant under the lowering clouds.

However once we arrived at the Marina in Havelock the sky had clouded over and the light was flat and grey.  This made photography somewhat of a challenge.  After spending some time photographing boats and reflections in the Marina we all drove to The Bund.  This is a track that edges the Kaituna Estuary on the eastern side and the marina to the west.

Our group photographed seascapes and a variety of birds as we walked the stop bank track, The Bund.  One or two of us took to close-up photography and captured the likes of crabs and flowers. 

The light did not improve and it was chilly out on The Bund.  Even though we were only a small group of seven we all learned something from each other.

The Bund and Kaituna Estuary are worth a visit on an outgoing tide.  There are many bird species to be found in the Estuary – a delight for anyone with a decent telephoto lens.