Thanks to Iain Galloway for the following report:

13 photographers gathered on the Friday evening with anticipation to listen to, work with and be guided by our tutor for the weekend.

Bruce introduced himself via a combination of chat and audio-visual. He went into his life growing up in southern Africa, and his early forays
into photography. Family documentary lead on to the portrayal of the land he loved, particularly the deserts of what is now Namibia.
He spoke of  his leaving a troubled society in South Africa to settle in New Zealand some 20 plus years ago. 

Bruce introduced some of his more recent photography and the thoughts behind the mostly square format "blurry shit" as he called it. He gave a few pointers on how he achieves the look in camera.

During this part of the evening we were asked to comment on an image (sent in prior to the evening) that was important to the individual. We were buoyed by Bruce's positive responses to them. He then lead into telling the group that photography was a personal thing, and that the individual should not be overly influenced by rules and convention.
There was a little discussion on judging and the rules. We were encourage to bend the rules if we felt our images looked better that way. After all, they they are personal statements!

Saturday morning saw the group trickle in at the mouth of The Diversion at about 6.30am. Those of us who set their alarms to meet this time were greeted by a richly coloured sun rise. Many of us found ourselves trying out the slow shutter, intentional camera movement with mixed success if the author was typical of others!

That afternoon in Pollard Park, each individual was placed in a position, from which you could not leave for one hour. The task was to create images at that place.
We were asked to bring one morning and one afternoon image for Sunday morning That evening we relaxed out to dinner at Lemon Grass cafe.

Sunday morning saw us return to the coast, to Rarangi Beach for the sunrise. The vigour with which we applied ourselves on the previous morning was missing to an extent, but, some good images were gained before heading back to the club room.

Images were viewed with critique and some review of the weekend. Bruce let us into the techniques he typically uses and finished with more insight into his images.

Thanks go to Bruce for his presentation. Also to Eunice and her group who fed us with lunches and morning and afternoon teas. From a personal point of view, I gained lots from the workshop and particularly some revived interest in photography and that however the image is presented, it is the photographer's image, not the judge's.