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Results for OCTOBER 2021 NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY are now available.

End of Year function - Sat 4th Dec

Day trip to Lochmara.  Activities available when you are there: Sculptures, bush walk, underwater observatory, kayaks, paddle boards and watching the animals being fed, and more .... 

Date: Sat 4th December from 10:30am (water taxi ride) and returning on the 4pm water taxi.   

  • Members, family including children and friends
  • Number of People: 20- 30 adults

October Night and Low Light Photography

Critique has been loaded. https://marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz/competitiontopics/2021-october-night-photography/    (Carol 17th Nov) 

Members photo editing zoom session - Fri 22nd Oct 

Matt will be available for some guidance for photo editing - Fri 22nd Oct from 7pm. The email has been sent out. Photoshop & Lightroom. But really all editing software is the same process so don't be scared off if you have a differrent program/application - or if you haven't ventured into getting a program yet - this will give you an insight into what you can do. (21st Oct/Carol) 

The Nov topic of "Marlborough" and/or OPEN will include PRINTS

We will look at a workshop in the beginning of Nov to help out with anyone wanting some assistance with the PRINT process.  (21st Oct/Carol) 

The September "Architecture" critique has been uploaded

https://marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz/competitiontopics/september-2021-architecture/. No critique as verbal via zoom. In time, we will summarise and make the vido available.  (21st Oct/Carol)


Welcome to the new committee for 2021/2022

President: Lynette Bainbridge

Vice President: Karl Burt 

Treasurer: Damaris Warnick

Secretary: Carol Spaulding 

Committee Members: Stuart Wilson, Jo Southgate, Matt Croad, Grant Udy, Prin Kim.  (added 13th Aug/Carol)


If you're new to the club, you may not be aware that Marlborough Camera Club is part of a bigger family of photographers. PSNZ or the Photographic Society of New Zealand, is the national organisation that represents photography enthusiasts (neither MCC nor PSNZ care whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, you've just got to love photography) in NZ, and this club is an afiliated club. PSNZ has its own workshops, competitions and awards, some which you need to be a member of PSNZ to participate in, but there are opportunities, even if you're just a member of your local club. (If you join both PSNZ and MCC, you get a small discount on your MCC membership). The judges who critique our monthly competitions are drawn from a pool of PSNZ accredited judges from around the country. You certainly don't have to be a member of PSNZ to enjoy the club, however if you're already confident in your photography, and want additional challenges and opportunities to take your photography to the next level, PSNZ membership might be a worthwhile progression for you.

Competition Entries and  Rules

The web based competition submission form is working well and can be found on the web site under competitions -> Image Submission.

The submission system makes sure that individual images are submitted correctly, but it does not check how many images you have submitted. Several members are failing to follow the published rules on the web site and submitting more images than are allowed in a category. Unfortunately these additional images cannot be awarded points, as this would be unfair to members who stick to the rules.