Around the House / Backyard - hand in May 12th - include before/after editing

1b. New Zealand Tui

Results for Around the House / Backyard - hand in May 12th - include before/after editing are now available.

Click here for up and coming MCC events

Seddon Shield weekend - Friday 26th August to Sunday 28th August in Nelson

It will be held at "Saxton Oval Pavilion, Stoke, Nelson".     Guest Speaker is:  Darryl Gallagher, senior curator of photography, Nelson Provincial Museum

Workshop Outings and activities include: 

  • Dawn at the Boulder Bank lighthouse
  • Nelson Market
  • Isel Park​
  • Brook Sanctuary field trip with Rebecca Bowater
  • Portrait Photography with Sandra Johnson
  • Sports Photography with Evan Barnes

Iindividual competitions (Novice / Open / Landscape / Natural History) and the Geoffrey C Wood Competition   click here  But we have to check it's not being used for our MCC "set".

Carol Spaulding is going (021 872 443) if you want to find out more .. also car share / accommodation share. And I'll put together an online session to go over images... Lynette - please attend :-) 

Seddon Shield entires closes soonish -  Tuesday 12th July. 

Any club member from 'Top of the South' can compete in this competition. click here    


Around the House / Backyard - critique uploaded

I've uploaded the Around the House / Backyard critique  (Carol - 25th June) 

Laurie Thomas Salon - open now till 22nd May

This PSNZ (including affiliated members) landscape salon is now open. Please refer to events for more details.    

Marlborough Camera Club Upcoming Events

Workshop - Sat 14th May - 9am to 1pm

John C Smith APSNZ FNPSNZ   (

John has had numerous NZ and international exhibitions of his work including "The Royal Geographical Society in London" - so we are extremely proud to have him speak to us on our club night - as well as offer 4 hours of his time critiquing your images.  We strongly recommend you come along - targeting intermediate photo editing users , but what an opportunity for new comers and beginners to become aware of what you could/should know .... 

Please email us ( with up to 2/3 of your images that he'll critique.

We're not to sure on all of the details ... can you bring you own laptop? can we get some recording? But we'll find out the anwers .....

What's happening about lunch? John and his wife are heading back to Christchurch straight afterwards, so it'll be up to us to determine if some of us want to out for lunch.  

St Marys Mercy Centre - so next to the hall we use for the club evening. Be seated by 9am (so please be on time)

$5 members, $10 non-members (just to cover the hall costs really)     (Carol - 4th May) 


Back in the hall - MCC Club Night - Thursday 12th May (or zoom)

The committee has arranged for two speakers for the May club evening, we'll have the evening at the hall.

  • John Boyd will intrigue us with his "Rigours of Expedition Photography" presentation
  • Robyn Carter will present her ICM (Intential Camera Movement) critique.that we handed in April

Hand-in "Around the House" with a before and after photo editing image (before is not sent to the judge). There are a few who have submitted images already - and it's amazing. It'll be an awesome learning opportunity. :-) . 

If you're not ready to attend in the hall, please register your interest for going online via zoom to     (Carol - 4th May) 

MCC - April results for Landscape/Seascape

The critique for the trophy "Landscape/Seascape" have been up loaded. Please note there are no results/ratings. All images are 'Accepted' so they can be display in the slideshow. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings will be announced at the Trophy evening - which is generally the AGM evening in Aug. 

We still haven't received the Natural History critique - so there is nothing to upload. We will chase up the critique.  (Carol - 4th May) 

Thurs Feb 10th club evening

At the moment it's all go for meeting up at the hall. Masks and vaccine passes will be mandatory.  We have a MCC Tracing QR Code and will be scanning passes. 

If there is one confirmed omicron case in Malborough - we will move from the hall to online via zoom. If we go online, you'll get an email with the zoom link. Email notification might be as late as up to 2pm prior to our club night on Thursday 10th Feb.  If you are a visitor - please email for an online invitiation. 

Hopefully will be experimenting on our club night with doubling up on both being in the hall, and providing online zooming for the monthly topi critique. No promises, but we are working on it, 

Welcome to the new committee for 2021/2022

At the Marlborough Camera Club AGM (12th Aug 2021), the following committee was nominated, seconded and elected: 

President: Lynette Bainbridge

Vice President: Karl Burt 

Treasurer: Damaris Warnick

Secretary: Carol Spaulding 

Committee Members: Stuart Wilson, Jo Southgate, Matt Croad, Grant Udy, Prin Kim.    added 13th Aug/Carol)


If you're new to the club, you may not be aware that Marlborough Camera Club is part of a bigger family of photographers. PSNZ or the Photographic Society of New Zealand, is the national organisation that represents photography enthusiasts (neither MCC nor PSNZ care whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, you've just got to love photography) in NZ, and this club is an afiliated club. PSNZ has its own workshops, competitions and awards, some which you need to be a member of PSNZ to participate in, but there are opportunities, even if you're just a member of your local club. (If you join both PSNZ and MCC, you get a small discount on your MCC membership). The judges who critique our monthly competitions are drawn from a pool of PSNZ accredited judges from around the country. You certainly don't have to be a member of PSNZ to enjoy the club, however if you're already confident in your photography, and want additional challenges and opportunities to take your photography to the next level, PSNZ membership might be a worthwhile progression for you.

Competition Entries and  Rules

The web based competition submission form is working well and can be found on the web site under competitions -> Image Submission.

The submission system makes sure that individual images are submitted correctly, but it does not check how many images you have submitted. Several members are failing to follow the published rules on the web site and submitting more images than are allowed in a category. Unfortunately these additional images cannot be awarded points, as this would be unfair to members who stick to the rules.