Bunny Tails

Results for JUNE 2021 MINIMALISM are now available.

Remember - 12th August is our AGM evening 

It's critical that we get a quorum for our AGM. 

So please can you make an effort to attend our AGM. Expect an email shortly for the agenda.   (added 15th July) 

Critique uploaded for Minimalism   

The critique from the July club evening for Minimalism has been uploaded to the competition page. 

https://marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz/competitiontopics/june-2021/  (added 15th July) 


Calling for your Shot of the Year - due in 8th July

Members - it's that time of year again when you need to submit your "Shot of the Year" images. There are three categories which you can submit one image into each category

  1. DIGITAL - anything you love
  2. PRINT - Colour
  3. PRINT - Black&White / Monochrome

Submission in by Thursday 8th July 


External Competitions  (updated 19 June)

Several new competitions of interest for Club members - check out External Competitions, found under the Competitions tab.

CRITICAL UPDATE for Landscape/Seascape due 13th May

There are NO grades and NO points awarded in this trophy topic. 

This is the exact same approach for the Natual History trophy topic that was the MArch 2021 topic. 

Summary of MNM - held 6th March

Check out the 'Field Trip Reports' section for a few articles re our amazing day. https://marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz/photo-news/field-trip-reports/

What's coming up?  (April 2021) 

May - Club Night - here freom some of our members. 

May - Lake Rotoiti from Fri 14th to Sun 16th May 

June - Ron Willems speaking at our club night and a workshop teh following weekend


Getting all geared up for 2021  (20th Feb 2021)

Lots on the go so to summarise the field trips, we have: 

May - Lake Rotoiti. If you expressed an interest, expect an email soon for more details.  

Sat 12th June - Ron Willems - workshop and outing 

And remember the up and coming image topics and competitions 

- Tues 27th April - Hay-On-Wye "Patterns" due for our international club competition. Please add your name to the image title.

- And Landscape Laurie Thomas, Natural History Trenna Packer  - both in May 

- And don't forget our monthly topics for the rest of the MCC 2020 - 2021 year. All topics listed: https://marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz/competitions/2021-competitions/


Huge Participation in our Monthly Topics   (12th Oct 2020)

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” - or I should say 'we have a problem' in our case. Our current participation levels for our monthly submissions for critiques has dramatically increased. For the last 3 months, the clubs received 70 submitted images - both SET and OPEN topics, digital and prints. WOW. That's fabulous participation.  This has meant it's exceeded the expectations of the time required by our monthly judges to complete their critique. So the committee will be communicating with all members very soon to request your feedback on how we (as a club) can maintain participation levels with our growing membership, as well as ensuring we don't over load the judges with images. The quandary is actaully being experienced by quite a few other clubs.  

Annual Subs Now Due for our 2020 / 2021 Club year (1st July to 31st June) 

A reminder that the new club financial year began as of the 1st of July, and subs are now due. If you've already paid, a big thank you. Details on subs are here.

Website Reorganisation

Chris's priority is about stream lining the automated process on our website to assist in minimising the work-load. So changes will be happening. Please bear with us and email info@marlboroughcameraclub.org.nz if you come across something you didn't expect. 


If you're new to the club, you may not be aware that Marlborough Camera Club is part of a bigger family of photographers. PSNZ or the Photographic Society of New Zealand, is the national organisation that represents photography enthusiasts (neither MCC nor PSNZ care whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, you've just got to love photography) in NZ, and this club is an afiliated club. PSNZ has its own workshops, competitions and awards, some which you need to be a member of PSNZ to participate in, but there are opportunities, even if you're just a member of your local club. (If you join both PSNZ and MCC, you get a small discount on your MCC membership). The judges who critique our monthly competitions are drawn from a pool of PSNZ accredited judges from around the country. You certainly don't have to be a member of PSNZ to enjoy the club, however if you're already confident in your photography, and want additional challenges and opportunities to take your photography to the next level, PSNZ membership might be a worthwhile progression for you.

Recent Field Trips

You can view reports on all field trip reports, whether or not they they're featured on the home page, by selecting the year you want to view reports for from the Field Trips and Events menu at the top of the page.

External Competitions

There's a new page under competitions tab with a list of external competitions, both PSNZ affiliated and others that may be of interest to members. These are often mentioned in email newsletters, but it's easy to forget what's in emails, so they're getting their own page on the website so that you can easily check what's coming up.

Competition Entries and  Rules

The web based competition submission form is working well and can be found on the web site under competitions -> Image Submission.

The submission system makes sure that individual images are submitted correctly, but it does not check how many images you have submitted. Several members are failing to follow the published rules on the web site and submitting more images than are allowed in a category. Unfortunately these additional images cannot be awarded points, as this would be unfair to members who stick to the rules.