Last Updated: 9-4-2021 16:02

The Marlborough Camera Club competition system is entirely web based.


Your username is in the format firstname-lastname (all lowercase) NOT your email address.

Click here to login and submit entries. (You may need to log in if you haven't already.)

Please upload a digital copy of prints as well as digital entries, and make sure to indicate when an image is a print.

Here's a video overview:

Image Sizing and Format

Remember the maximum dimensions for images is 1620w x1080h pixels. If you attempt to send images larger than this, they will be automatically resized to the correct dimensions. Although the possibility is low, there is a slgiht risk that there may be some loss of quality if your images have to be resized, so please try to upload the correct size.
You should try to make your images as large as possible while remaining within the maximum dimensions as small images do not give judges much to look at in terms of detail. Any images smaller than the old competition dimensions of 1024x768 will be automatically rejected, as they will not display well on screen.

You don't need to worry about file names you submit, as files will be renamed to the correct format automatically when you send them.

Images must be in jpg format and use the sRGB colour space. 

Number of Images

You can enter a total of three images including up to two prints and/or two digital images for regular monthly competitions.

Landscape and Natural History are exceptions to this rule, and a total of four images of up to two prints and two digital images can be submitted for these set subjects. (NOTE: There is no open for Landscape or Natural History - all images must be set subject.)

Any excess images above the allowed number will automatically be disqualified, however you can submit them in a subsequent competition.

Entry Deadlines

Monthly competition entries may be submitted any time during the month up to midnight on club night unless specified otherwise. Submissions for subsequent months will not be accepted until after the close of the current month's competition unless by special arrangement by email to the competition secretary with the titles of the images concerned.

More than one club member on the same computer

You will notice there is no need to enter your name. This is because your entry is linked to your login, so the system already knows whose it is.

Note: If more than one member uses the same computer, you'll need to log out to allow another family member to make a submission.

You need to click on your name at the top right of the screen to show the log out option.

Special instructions for Shot of the Year Entries

When Shot of the Year is selected as the competition, enter colour prints and digital images as Open, and mono prints as Set Subject to distinguish them.

For more detailed information about specific competition topics, please see the links below:

Natural History Rules

Landscape Rules