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1. General Competition Rules

  1. Entrants must be financial members of the Marlborough Camera Club Inc.
  2. Composite images must contain only original work by the author. Images generated solely by electronic means (e.g. Fractals etc) ARE NOT eligible.

  3. Members may enter up to TWO prints, or TWO projected (digital) images each up to a total of TWO images per competition for all competitions other than the Natural History and Landscape trophy competitions and Shot Of Year.  NB. There are two categories - Set Subject and Open:  A maximum of 2 images may be entered in either category, e.g. 2 images in Set Subject,  2 images in Open, or 1 image per category.- 1 Set Subject and 1 Open. And these 2 images (depending on teh competition rules as they will vary) can be digital only or digital and print.  

For the "Natural History" and "Landscape/Seascape" trophy competitions, members may enter up to TWO prints and TWO projected images for a total of FOUR images in each competition.  Two trophies are awarded for the Natural History competition; one for the best print, and one for the best digital image.  There are two Landscape trophies; one for Digital and one for Prints. Points are not awarded as per the other competitions. For specific rules regarding landscape and natural history competitions, see the links at the bottom of this page.

Images that have previously been entered into Open competitions may be re-entered into the Natural History or Landscape Trophy Competitions. They cannot be submitted if submitted in any SET Subject. 

For the "Shot if Year" trophy competition, members may enter ONE image per category. Three trophies are awarded - one each category.  Points are not awarded as per the other competitions. For specific rules regarding the Shot of the Year competitions, see .. to be update).  The only restriction is that the image cannot of been previously submitted for any previous Shot Of Year competition. 

2. Print Submission Policy

a) Prints may be any size up to a maximum of 510mm x 410mm, (20” x 16”)  provided that they are mounted on a base with a maximum size of 510mm x 410mm. The maximum thickness is to be not more than 12mm. If an over‐mount is used, it should be contained within these dimensions. Framed and/or glass covered prints will not be accepted.

b) Prints may be “colour” or “monotone” format, (unless otherwise stated in the Competition Program) and may be home or trade processed.

c) Entries may be titled on the back of the photo mount; the category entered (Open or Set subject) and Grade of photographer must be stated plus your membership number obtained from the submission page when entering competitions. For example, a-o-Wither Hills Sunrise would mean that the print is A grade, in the open categrory, and the title is Wither Hill Sunrise.The entrant’s name must not be included on the print.

d) PRINTS are to be submitted under cover of suitable protective envelope, with the entrant’s name, grade, photo title and competition being entered clearly marked on the outer covering as in the example in bold above. In order to fit in cases to courier to judges, prints must be removed from any bulky packaging. If you want the best protection for your prints once they are removed from any folder or solid packaging, it is suggested you wrap them in tissue paper, or use a thin plastic sleeve as this takes up little space and can remain with the prints. Bubble wrap is too bulky and will be removed from individual prints before they are sent by courier.

Please avoid using sellotape as there is a risk this can stick to prints when packaging is opened.

e) Digital images of prints submitted for competitions must be submitted as well or the entry will be invalid. There were rules around the digital image size, however the new online submission process has meant 99% of the time - unless the image is too small, the submission process will autocorrect the image to the preferred size. If you would prefer to re-size your image yourself - see ‘How to resize your image’. 

The club wishes to collect digital version of prints for the following reasons:

a)  To keep a record of images which the club may use in inter-club competitions.
b) To be used in the newsletter, Photo News.
c)  To put winning images on the website gallery

3. Digital Image Submission Policy

a) Image file format - sRGB and JPEG

There were rules around the digital image size, however the new online submission process has meant 99% of the time - unless the image is too small, the submission process will autocorrect the image to the preferred size. The rules were: Each image should be a high quality jpg file with a colour space of sRGB.  If it landscape format, the longest must be no more than 1620 px. (Width).  The vertical must be smaller than 1080px.  If the image portrait format, then the longest side must be no more than 1080px. (Height)  This means the width will be less than 1620px. 

Notes: Neither the file size nor the dpi resolution matters, so long as the maximum pixel dimensions are adhered to as above. All images should be submitted using the sRGB colour space. (Most cameras will capture JPG files in this colour space, but if you are processing RAW files in Lightroom or Photoshop, make sure you export as sRGB.)(Contact Chris Cookson for assistance if you are having difficulty sizing digital images).

b) Metadata

Care should be taken to remove the photographer’s name from the metadata if possible.

4. Method of Submission

Both digital images and digital copies of prints should be submitted via the Image Submission form on this web site.
Note: You will need a username and password to access the page. You should have been sent this in an email either in a newsletter or when you joined the club. If you don't have the user name or password, the competition secretary or any committee member can provide it to you on request.

5. Entries

Prints must be handed in on, or by, the dates stated in the competition programme, and must be the original work of the entrant. Digital Images must arrive before midnight on the closing date, usually the night of the club meeting.

6. Judges

The Club Committee delegates the choosing of judges for Club Competitions to the Competitions Co-ordinator(s), and the following award categories may be given by the judge(s):

7. Points System - used only for the End of Year trophy's

Competition Points
  Not Accepted Accepted Merit Honours
Set Subject 0 2 5 8
Open Subject 0 1 3 5

Accumulated points will be totalled following the end of the competition year (30th June, annually) and trophies awarded for PRINTS and PROJECTED IMAGE in each Grade and presented at the annual special dinner meeting to be held in July or August.There is no extra point for the Shot of the Month. 

8. Results

Results will always be available for the monthy competition topic (unless specified as part of the cometition). There will be a 'Shot of the Month' from the judge. These results will be accumulated as part of your overall points. 

Results will be available for the "Natural History" and "Landscape". The judges of these competitions will also nominate the winners of the best print and the best digital image. Both of which will be awarded trophies at the annual special dinner in July or August.These results will NOT be accumulated as part of your overall points.

Results will be available for the "Shot of the Year" competitions. The judges of these competitions will also nominate the winners and 2nd and 4rd place getters. The winners will be awarded trophies at the annual special dinner in July or August. These results will NOT be accumulated as part of your overall points.

Critique will be at the descretion of the judge for the "Natural History", "Landscape" or "Shot of the Year" competitions - they have been asked, but they may decline this request.

9. Judges

The Marlborough Camera Club Inc., designated Judges and the Competition Coordinators, will take all reasonable care with the entries, but cannot take responsibility for entries that are lost or damaged.

10. Re-submission of images

Entries which have received Acceptance, Merit, or Honours awards are not eligible for entry again, with the exception of “Shot of the Year', 'Landscape' and 'Natural History' trophy competitions. 

11. Grades and Progression

Current grades are C for learning, B for improvers and C for experienced photographers. To progress a grade up, members must gain three honours in their grade, in the current year ie 1 July to 30 June.

Progression from one grade to another commences at the beginning of the new financial year, ie 1 July.   Members may request progression through grades by contacting the current committee.

Grading or points do not apply to the "Natural History", "Landscape" or "Shot of the Year" competitions for the purpose of judging.

12. Eligible  Images

Optically created images, conventional or digital, manipulated or enhanced by either darkroom or electronic processing or art working, are acceptable for entry into club competitions with the exception of the Natural History competition and any others stated on the competition programme. Composite images must contain only original work by the author.

13.  Shot of the Year

a) There are three categories: Colour Print, Monotone Print, and Projected Image.

b) ONE entry in each category may be submitted, and entries are to be handed in at the June meeting.

c) The subject in each category is: “OPEN”, unless otherwise stated in the competition programme.

d) PRINTS are to be mounted to the dimensions stated in Rule 2 above. Digital Images should be in accordance with Rule 4 above.

e) Previously entered photos in the ‘Shot of the Year competition’ are not eligible for entry again.

f) A Trophy will be awarded to the winner of each category.

14. Other Club Competitions

Multiple‐shot Portfolios and Assignment competitions are run periodically and the Rules will be clearly stated at the time these are run.

15. Handling and Copyright

Copyright to the image remains with the photographer.  Submission of the image is deemed to give the Club a non-exclusive right to:

  • Copy the image for purpose of back-up and sending to judge(s) 
  • Project the image at the Club meeting where the judging is reported
  • Used in the Newsletter if it gained a merit or honours 
  • Used in website gallery if it gained an honours
  • Archived for inclusion outside interclub competitions (eg Trenna Packer Salver)
  • After the judging is completed and the results announced at a Club meeting, the competition Secretary will archive these images, unless the authors request they be deleted.  The judge(s) will be requested to destroy the images sent to them.
  • The Club may include images which are awarded Honours or Merits in the Website or Newsletter.  As above, if the author of an image does not wish it to be published he/she must advise the President and Newsletter Editor.
  • The Club may request permission to use submitted images for inter-Club competitions or other purposes but use of these is entirely at the discretion of the author.
  • You want to consider removing the images metadata 
  • There is a new option for Privacy when submitting an image. Thsi will ensure the image is not used on our website. 


It is disappointing to have your carefully selected entry disqualified because you did not read and adhere to the rules. 

Natural History Rules

NZ Landscape / Seascape Rules