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Marlborough/Nelson/Motueka (MNM Challenge)  (from Eunice) 

Held on Saturday 6 March 2021 in the Havelock town hall which proved to be a great venue with kitchen, full screen and speaker facilities all provided. A considerable amount of work was done by the committee consisting of Trish Brown, Lynette Bainbridge, Rosie Darling and Eunice Belk who started the planning before the end of 2020, firstly securing our judge, Vicki Parker who manages the Havelock Art Gallery. She was given score sheets, information for scoring and advised that the 18 prints and 18 digitals would be sent to her a month before the event. Several other meetings then occurred in the weeks before the event ensuring that the day ran smoothly.

Each club was given the task of selecting 18 prints by different authors to be couriered to one of the team before end of January 2021. The digitals, on USB flashdrives, were included in the box of prints. Documentation then had to be prepared by the committee with names of prints and authors listed. This list was for our use as of course the judge wasn’t to be given the authors. Activities for the initial part of the day were selected and then we waited, fingers crossed for a dry summer’s day and we weren’t disappointed.

  • Approximately 35 people turned up with their shared lunches and the team was so grateful for the support of all the clubs. Six teams consisting of members from each club were then sent off for their 90mins of photography. The end result was a great variety of creative images around the subjects which were projected to the audience with the winning team selected by hand clapping and awarded a chocolate bar to each member. Lunch was served during the process of preparing the activities sets, and as usual we had a great variety of food.

The more serious part of the day was the results of the judging of prints and digital entries, delivered by Vicki herself and also projected to the audience.

Winners of the trophies were:

Best Digital Image – Mountain Lady (Brian Dowling, Nelson Camera Club)

Best Print – Green Forest Lizard (Carolyn Hope, Motueka Camera Club)

Club with most overall points – Marlborough (221) Nelson (220.5) Motueka (211.5)


MNM - from Carol

I was stuck up in the gods (projector room) so I had a unique view of the day. A big part of that was collating the 'teams' images so that they could be shown on the screen for the 'clapping' voting. I heard this was rigged, as someone (on our committee) ensured he clapped the LOUDEST and LONGEST, which meant his team WON... nothing to do with quality. Anyone would of thought is was a FUN day.  Which it was. 

My scavenger team of 6 consisted of members from all clubs (Marlborough, Nelson and Motueka) and the youngest particiant who was about 7. It was really interesting spending time with our youngest to see what he saw. Our mission was to photography the set subject subjects - which were

- group photo, Pattern, Water, Birds, Mussels, Architecture and something else... 

After the 2 hr walk-about, we then selected one image for each subject from each person (does that make sense). So we all ended up with a 'final' image for sharing at 'show-down' - which I mentioned was loudest clapping for the mush sort after prize ... of a chocolate bar !!!!  

Blow are some images from the day .... 

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