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Digial Images John Reid – APSNZ ANPSNZ AFIAP

C Grade

Awhitu, New Zealand
I liked the idea of this tryptic. I think what seems to be a continuous line of the wave break is a strong element within the composition. I suggest that the dark channel just back from the wave
break also needs to be continuous as I feel that the illusion has become disjointed with the flow being broken. I can see the same features replicated in the middle and right frames, which I don’t think helps the overall aspect of the image as a landscape image. The elevated aerial view does add a different and strong perspective. Accepted

Loch Lomond National Park, Scotland
I think the story of Loch Lomond has been reasonably well told in this composition. The strong side lighting has helped define the tussocks in the foreground, this is a strong element. The eye then gets
led through the composition to the mountains in the back ground. I suggest to make the composition stronger, try cropping out some of the sky, crop just above the cloud on the left and turn the composition into a panorama. Merit

Moody Lake Ohau
This landscape certainly tells the story about a cold wintery day at Lake Ohau. I think that the way the different elements within the composition have been proportioned gives the composition balance. There is just enough light coming through the cloud layer to give some definition to the mountainside and breaking up what would be almost continuous monotone. There is a technical issue with the crop of this image, when it is projected there will be an uneven white outline around the image, I suggest that something has gone wrong in post-production. The cloud adds the drama.

Robin Hood Bay Tree
I think the monochrome treatment of this composition works quite well as it puts all the emphasis onto the tree. I suggest that a slightly tighter crop would have added even more emphasis by eliminating the pine trees that are evident on the far left. Once seen the eye gravitates towards this element. Positioning the tree against the clean back drop of the sky gives the composition strength.

I get the feeling that this is the dreaded Nor-wester howling out of the valleys. I think the story is quite well told within the composition. I suggest that the blue sky top needed to be eliminated, either by waiting or cropping this element out. I also suggest that a little more work either in postproduction or when the image was taken, by adding a graduated filter to darken the sky thus adding more mood to the cloud would have made the composition stronger. Accepted

I think that this is a pretty good attempt at photographing Marlborough’s big mountain. The strong side lighting helps to define and break up the landscape with shadow and light. I suggest that timing is everything when photographing mountain landscapes. The best time is always going to be early dawn or late in the evening when the light is soft and more even and there is a chance that you will also capture the colours of the sunrise or the sunset. I think including the tawny colour of the foreground hillside allows the eye to travel though the landscape to the peak behind. Accepted

I think that this is quite a strong composition but it has been let down by some technical issues. The first one is that there are dust spots all over the image. These have come from a dirty sensor, they could have been cleaned off in post-production but better, would be to keep the sensor on the camera clean. The second one is the top half of the image is over exposed, this also could have been fixed in post-production or by using a graduated filter when the image was taken. I think the foreground is very strong, made so by the late afternoon lighting that is starting to form shadows across the landscape, the light is also starting to soften up. Taken from this angle Mt Tapuaenuku is quite impressive. Not accepted

Wairau River and distant snow capped Red Hills

I like the sense of flow with this landscape the river has been positioned to draw the eye through the landscape. I suggest that to make the composition stronger the foreground needs to be stronger and I can see a rapid in the distance that perhaps would have added that extra element by using the movement of the water to give the composition another element. The touch of sunlight falling across the forest adds a nice touch. Accepted

B Grade

Baffin Island coast
This tells us something about the coastline along Baffin Island. I suggest that the midday sun has not helped with this composition, the light is really hard leaving the sky and the snow covered slopes quite blown out. I think the elements of the composition have been positioned reasonably well, being water, mountains and sky, all equally divided but there is nothing really to anchor the landscape within the composition, my eye kept wandering around in this. The image also suffers from dust spots and a smudge (centre sky) all coming from the cameras sensor. Not Accepted

Clarence River
I think that while this tells us something about the lower Clarence River, the composition could have been made stronger by eliminating most of the foreground, almost by removing everything from the middle of the image down. The oxbow in the river would have made a nice foreground and something to anchor the landscape. The strong midday lighting hasn’t helped the overall effect with this landscape as there is very little relief between the folds in the hills. The clouds add a nice touch as they roll over the higher peaks. Not Accepted

Coutts Inlet Baffin Island
The light in this Baffin Island landscape is a little softer, helped by the overhead cloud layer. The definition on the rock and scree faces combined with the different colours and aspects of these slopes are strong components of the composition. Once again watch out for the sensor dust spots (sky), they are easily removed, once seen the eye stays with them. The contrast between the calm waters of the inlet set beside the ruggedness of the mountains works well. Merit

Lindis Pass
The photographer has seen the light and shadow here and made a composition that really tells the story about the country through the Lindis Pass. The tussock foreground anchors the landscape nicely and using the valley framed by the surrounding slopes the eye is drawn into the distant peaks. I suggest a little less clarity and sharpening on the ridge lines to the left of the image as there is just a slight halo effect, just visible, otherwise a really pleasing landscape. Honours

Mueller Glacier and Lake
I think that this composition is quite strong, the river leading up to the lake takes the eye through the landscape to the peaks of Mt Sefton and Mt Footstool. I suggest that the image would have been stronger if the image had been taken early before the sun hit the high mountain slopes or later when the whole scene was bathed in light. Personally I would try to be early to see if I could catch the alpenglow. Never the less the exposure has captured the beauty of the Alps as well the light bouncing from the mountain tops into the river. Accepted

I think the high vantage point and the compositional structure of this landscape is quite strong. In my view the image appears to be noticeably over processed. The sky has lost that natural look and there are several dark splotches across the hills top left third and a couple of dark black spots in the cloud on the right. The stronger lighting falling through the centre of the composition works well and helps to differentiate the fold in the hills, combining well with the patterns of the grape vines. The road I think is the key to the composition as it leads the viewer through the image. Accepted

Wairau River –Lagoons
In my view this composition is not strong due to the way it has been arranged, my eye goes straight to the roosting Pied Shags centre and stays there. I suggest that a tighter focal length could have been used to bring the shags closer making them a key element of the foreground in the bottom right hand third of the composition and then composing the landscape around this key element. The middle element being the lagoon and the back drop of the hills combine well together. Not Accepted

Ward beach
The high vantage point has paid dividends with this composition. I think the stronger light falling across the foreground beach to the lower slope of the hill right anchors the foreground nicely. The other strong elements are the curving sweep of the beach, the changing colour, light greens and yellows leading to dark and moody tones in the background and the low hanging cloud layer which just sets the mood off nicely. Merit

A Grade

Arahura Dreaming
I think the strong element of this composition is the low hanging mist shrouded across the forested slopes. In my view this strong element has been compromised by the way the image has been processed post production. My eye goes straight to the red chromatic aberration evident around the edges and through this mist layer, most evident in the lighter areas. This could have been fixed in post-production. I suggest that the foreground could have been made stronger by cropping from the bottom up to where the rapids start and also a slight crop from the right to the edge of the lower band of mist, making the fall in the river a strong element in the foreground. The dark tones add the dreamy mood required. Accepted

Awatere Vineyard Northwest Arch
I think the way the elements have been arranged in this composition are quite strong, this is all about the sky and this story has been quite well told. The foreground elements flow well, I think the shed just adds a little bit of tension breaking the flow, while not being too intrusive. The range of different colour helps to draw the eye visually through the composition. Merit

Coastal Uplift
I liked the idea of this composition, for me I think the landscape image leads from the rock foreground and concentrates on the round shapes of the hills in the background. I suggest to make the composition stronger the crop could have been tighter removing the hill on the left up to where the dark hill background almost starts to appear, still using the rock as it matches the curves of the hills. The cloud and the colour tones changing from light in the foreground to dark in the background are all strong elements. Accepted

I think that the way the elements have been put together in this composition is incredibly strong, the mist layer centre adds the tension needed to pull this off. In my view the image has just been pushed a little bit too much in post-production. The mist and the sky centre have ended up with some quite noticeable pixilation or noise. This makes the centre look quite grainy compared to the rest of the image. There is also some vertical banding starting to occur through the same area. It also appears that something has happened in the bottom left and right sections of the composition as the diagonal furrows in the stubble are missing and appear to have identical horizontal banding in both areas. The soft colour tones work quite well. Not Accepted

Golden Sunset
I looked at this for quite some time, I liked the thought that went into the composition as it is quite strong. In my view the exposure is still a bit over exposed as the strong line of vertical sunlight centre overpowers the composition, had this area been a little more evenly exposed I think enough detail could have been pulled out of the shadows in post-production to subtlety define the sand patterns and that beautiful colour that radiates out from the water channel. The two gulls just seen top right are a nice touch as they give this some scale. Accepted

Green Hills Beach
I like the way that the strong vertical lines of the vegetated dunes pull the eye through to the headland beyond the beach. I think that the lighting is quite flat but in saying this it adds mood to the landscape. In my view the sky while being dramatic it also has a slight green colour cast, which could have been corrected post-production. Proportionally the elements in the landscape work well together. Accepted

Lindis Pass
The winter mood is quite evident in this landscape. For me the composition doesn’t quite work as it doesn’t feel balanced, my eye gets drawn to the left and stays there. I suggest that the low hill centre of the composition may have been better placed in the foreground, cropping up from the bottom to the edge of the tussock by the fence. The dark exposed edges of the ridge lines and the bleak sky being the strong elements within the composition. Accepted

Molesworth Folds
I enjoyed the slight abstract feel of this landscape. I think the opposing diagonals of the ridgelines are a very strong element of this composition. The texture layer of colour tones coming from the scree and rock faces adds another element. Merit

Molesworth Panorama
The wide open grandeur of the Molesworth is reasonably well told in this panorama. I suggest that the foreground needs something to really set it apart and anchor it. The track middle disappears before leading the viewer into the image. The mountains and cloud in the background are the strong elements within the composition. Accepted

Ocean Sanctuary
The patch of side lighting on the rock face just does enough in this composition to hold the viewers’ attention. I think having the jagged triangular peaks composed centrally within this landscape is a strength. The elements of sky and water are equally represented and in this landscape I think this works. The large numbers of birds completes the story. Acceptance

The march of the power pylons across this wide expanse of landscape works quite well. I suggest that in this composition just tipping the camera up a bit and removing some of the lower foreground and adding more of that beautiful moody sky would have made the composition stronger. In my view the horizon is just a bit too central. The soft moody light has been well captured and I think the light is reflecting off the wires is a strong element. Accepted

Outlook Dry
The fence has been well placed in this composition and is the strong element that draws the viewer into the photograph. The golden grass tells the story, this combined with the soft lighting and the forming shadows as the sun lowers in the sky are all important elements of landscape. Accepted

Seabed Uplift on Ward Beach
I think the soft warm light is what gives this landscape that little bit extra. The composition is strong, I like the way the parallel lines of rock lead to the crashing of waves in the top third of the image. The larger rocks on the outside edges frame this up and help hold this together. The sky just adds to the mood. Merit

Sinclair Range
I felt that this as a landscape of the Sinclair Range was a bit muddled, the trees lining the riverbank dominate the composition, leaving the range in the background. I suggest that a better vantage point could have been gained to frame what was intended. I think the blue sky is over saturated and doesn’t appear to be natural, this may be due to the use of a polarizing filter, or the blue has been pushed in post-production. There is some nice side lighting giving some definition to the mountain slopes. Not Accepted

Sunset over the Wairau River
The soft golden light over the exotic trees centre is what gives this landscape its punch. I think to take advantage of this, the composition needs a tighter crop. I suggest cropping just below centre about half way through the shingle bar below the middle fall and from the left just to the left of the first group of prominent trees. The slow shutter speed used as added drama in the water which is a nice touch adding strength to the overall composition. Accepted

Vinegar Point
I think that this is more of a record shot rather than a landscape competition entry in A Grade photography. There is nothing wrong with it technically. The harsh lighting of the midday sun hasn’t helped, this composition. I suggest that less here would have been more, isolating the larger shrub into the bottom right third and using more sky would have given the composition some strength.
Not Accepted

Wairau Southern Hills
I think that the photographer has seen the light and shadow here and composed the image accordingly. This is nice light and well worthy of utilising to create this landscape. I think the elements have been arranged quite well, the three different ranges of hills create some depth and the eye is drawn through to the background. The scattered sheep just add some nice interest.

West Coast Tranquillity
I kept looking at this composition and kept wanting to see what was to the left. In my view the right hand side felt empty and the foreground lacks something dominant to anchor the composition and lead the eye through the image. The morning sun has created some side lighting definition on the far slopes. Accepted

Whos future
I think that this image is more of an open image rather than a landscape. Creative enhancement of a landscape image is acceptable provided that the resulting image still reflects the essential story of what is seen in that landscape. In my view this image due to the enhancement the essential elements of the landscape have been removed and replaced with an abstract effect, quite well done but not accepted in a landscape competition. Not Accepted.

Withers Light and Shade
I liked the idea with this composition. I think that the exposure is a full F Stop or more over exposed. I suggest that it just needs the highlights pulled back until the detail in the grasses can be seen and the colour looks more natural. Then perhaps a slight tweak just to bring some more detail out of the shadows, as the dark areas have been clipped and lack detail. The golden light adds some impact.

Landscape results (pdf)