Last Updated: 10-8-2019 12:29

To enter your digital images into a club competition, you must resize them to fit within the rules of the digital submission policy.

That is: 1620x1080pixels.

Technical explanation

Most digital cameras can capture much higher resolution images than what is required for competition images. The competition image dimensions are set by PSNZ and correspond to the equivalent of a 35mm film slide or negative scaled to fit the full height of a full HD screen or projector (1920x1080). Because a full HD screen is a different aspect ratio to an image from a digital camera, ie, 16:9 for a full HD screen/projector and 3:2 for a DSLR or sometimes 4:3 for some other digital cameras, the competition specification is 1620 pixels wide rather than 1920.

Aspect Ratio: The ratio between width and height of an image reduced to a fraction like number. eg: both a 6"x4" and a 12"x8" print are 3:2 aspect ratio, as there are 3 units of width for every 2 units of height.

Practical Application

What this means is: If you are submitting an image in a landscape format, then the longest side (width) must be no greater than 1620 pixels. It may be smaller. When the image is resized proportionally, usually the height will be less than 1080px, but if it’s not, then you will need to resize the height to 1080pixels and the width will be less than 1620pixels.

If you are submitting an image in portrait (vertical) format, then the longest side (height) should be 1080 pixels. The width will then be smaller than 1620pixels.

There are a number of free online tools to resize images. You can find them by Googling ‘how to resize an image’. Not all of them work with large size images and it will be trial an error to find one that will work for you.

Most photo editing programs can resize images. Many club members have an Adobe CC Photography subscription which includes Lightroom and Photoshop, both of which can be used to resize images.

If you don’t have Photoshop, Lightroom, or Photoshop elements, then there are a number of cheaper or free image editing programs that can also resize images. If you are a Windows user, Faststone Image Viewer or Faststone Photo Resizer are free apps that are easy to use. If you are a Mac user, or a Windows user who wants something you can edit your images with as well as just resize them, Gimp is a free app that is similar to Photoshop.

In Photoshop – you need to select Image from the menu, and image size, and type in 1620 into the width or 1080 into the height box. Make sure that the“constrain properties” box is checked. Save as another file name so you don’t overwrite the original file. In Lightroom, resizing is done when you are exporting the file. Use Google to ask ‘how to resize an image using….. (your program), and there will be step by step tutorials you can use to do this.

Some email programs will automatically resize attached images. You should NOT allow this. If given the opportunity, you should always select 'original size' if your email program asks, otherwise the submitted images will be too small.