Make it yummy or thirst quenching. And remember not to eat/drink your props

Food is really visual, we enjoy the sight of it so be Creative or make it just as it is.  Make it yummy.


Think about the background   

  • https://expertphotography.com/food-photography-backgrounds/ 

Think about your lighting - remember to be creative and don't use this as an excuse for buying all the lighting equipment. It's not MCC telling you to :-) 

  • https://twolovesstudio.com/blog/basic-light-setup-food-photography/#:~:text=The%20foundational%20light%20set%20up,as%20staple%20light%20manipulation%20aids.  

And there's also the angle to consider

  • - https://expertphotography.com/best-camera-angles-food-photography/