Judge: Irene Callaghan (prints) Dr Neil Gordon (digitals)
Results April. Trophy for prints and digital. These will be announced and presented at the Awards function in August 2020.

Scenes featuring areas of land.  These may include areas of coastal land with sea, lake or other water feature included.  This landscape competition has two trophies attached, the Liz Davidson PRINT trophy which is for New Zealand Landscapes/Seascapes only and the DIGITAL trophy which is unrestricted is the Barbara Wilson trophy.  Up to two prints and two digitals per person can be submitted.  (Digital files of the prints are also to be submitted and if not then the entry will be disqualified). Images of landscapes shown throughout the year will be eligible for re-entry.  Points will be awarded as per normal competitions but the trophy winner is across all grades.  As per PSNZ rules - Photographs which capture a sense of "space" and "place" and tell a story of the scene before the camera.  A landscape will typically combine elements of earth, sea or sky.  The image may include human elements for scale and context but not to the extent that they become the prominent element.  Creative enhancement of the image is acceptable provided that the resulting image still reflects the essential story of what is seen in that landscape. - Note there is no OPEN competition this month.


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