Judge: Digital - Ron Willems Prints - Shona Jarray
Rules for this trophy competition can be found by clicking "more details"

The Elizabeth Davidson Trophy is awarded for the best print of the month and is restricted to New Zealand Landscape/Seascapes. 

The Barbara Wilson Trophy is awarded for the best digital image of the month and is unrestricted.

Seascapes cannot be of just water - to qualify it must have some land content.

The competition is NOT graded and NO points are awarded (updated 14th April 2021) .  Two images can be submitted in both prints and digital images for a total of four images instead of the usual total of three images per month.  Images that have previously been entered into Open Competitions may be re-entered into the Landscape/Seascape Trophy Competition.

As per PSNZ Rules - Photographs which capture a sense of “space” and “place” and tell a story of the scene before the camera. A landscape will typically combine elements of earth, sea or sky.  The image may include human elements for scale and context but not to the extent that they become the prominent element. Creative enhancement of the image is acceptable provided that the resulting image still reflects the essential story of what is seen in that landscape.


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