Judge: Ricky Wilson (yes our Ricky who was a member of our club)
You find people everywhere. 


Set Subject

Huge thank to Ricky Wislon for critiquing our images    
Image of the Month:  Wayne Stronach for Waitangi Day
Title Rating Comments
C GRADE - Set     
Friends together M A moment well caught, fly on the wall style, makes me wonder what they’re chatting about. 
The Happy Day A If only we could see the brides face, light isn’t great but of course that’s unavoidable in these situations
Waitangi Day H Perfect. Emotion fully on display, sharp, well lit,  If I’d shot this myself I’d have been more than happy with it
Young Environmentalists M Well lit, beautiful scenery, and most of the subjects looking, if only the person third from right was looking
B GRADE - Set     
Boy 0n Train M Lovely photo, basically perfect except I think it’s just a bit too warm, the skin tones have too much of an orange cast. 
Boy and sister on beach. NA Unfortunately this is not accepted, picture is rather bad quality, I’m assuming it was taken on a phone with digital zoom used. 
Inter-planetary pushbiking A Nothing particularly special. A posed shot of someone with someone else’s art. 
Love is in the air ... M Fits the brief, I think it would be better if there was more contrast.
Pride Parade WOW factor M Nicely composed, and good background blur.
Putting your all into the game A Looks a little underexposed on my screen, I’d have cropped from the right a bit the player on the right isn’t adding anything to it 
SteamPunk Sisters A Needed a slightly faster shutter speed, subject on the left is out of focus due to motion blur. Rest of the image is good
Summer in the Sounds A Nothing particularly special, but it does fit the brief. 
The Good Samaritan M Only thing that could have improved this is I can’t stop looking at the woman in the background with the completely missing head. 
Wanna Kiss A Well separated from the background, composition is a bit off, you have heaps of room on the right, but have cut off a bit of the subjects head on the left.
A GRADE - Set     
Anzac NA colours are a bit dull,  not particularly sharp, and I can’t see the gentleman’s eyes because of his eyeglasses
Australia vs Argentina 0-1 M You’ve captured the fun of the day very well here quite a wide image, but tells a good story in the tense game of tug of war
Cheers A Nicely lit I’m assuming with direct flash, I’d crop a bit off the left hand side to balance it out
Cool Kid A These kind of pictures are very easy to get at a cycling event, more emotion, more of a story would have been nice here, is this the start of the race? The end?
Sharp and well composed, but as it’s nothing particularly special.
Dressed up for Seagull Racing M Interesting subject for sure, well caught. I would like to see a little bit more of the craft they’re piloting though.
Grand Parade M Cute pic, I wish you’d focused a bit more on wee lad in the front, he has the most interesting expression, shutter speed could have been a bit quicker as there’s some motion blur
Improvised Rain Hats H Very cool. Love it, good expressions, story is clear.
Lesley M Clear and sharp, good composition and light. Merit. 
My Old Tramping Mate M Would be better with a boost in contrast, good composition, and makes me want to know what this image is about. Merit. 
Swinging M A happy moment captured well.
symmetry in motion A Nice colours and light, Would have been better if we could have seen their faces, and if you hadn’t cropped the top of the monument out
The Animated Bride H Captures the happiness of a wedding day well, clearly shows what’s going on and leaves no guessing to the viewer.
The Perils of Tramping! M So clever, well caught. Made me laugh.
The Pig Hunter M Sharp, well lit, good background blur. Merit.
Waiting for Dad H Very cute, nicely composed, good light, enough going on in the background to know where this is, but not distracting
Watchful M Lovely light, I’d suggest cropping in a bit more from the top, and from the right to bring more emphasis on the subject
X X X M A Colourful, happy image, I’d suggest cropping from the left a bit
A GRADE - Open    
Birds Nest Fungi M Nicely composed, and good light, no harsh shadows.