Judge: Ilan Wittenberg
Trophy Topic - Black & Whote/monochrome - thinking of extending scope from Print only to Print & Digital.

MCC Shot Of Year for the 2022/2023 club year. The results are presented as 3 places - 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The 1st placed image is awarded the trophy. : 

  1. Digital - Colour 
  2. Print - Colour 
  3. Black & White & Monochrome
    • Currently limitied to print only, but we are looking at increasing the scope to include digial black & white / monochrome. 

One image can be submitted as long as it hasn't been previously submitted into any previous years Shot Of Year competitions.  This is entrusted to you to ensure you keep within these guidelines.

Please submit the one image under SET subject. When submitted to the judge, the image will not be graded

The judge will be asked for results and critique. Dependng on the volume of images, this might be restricted to just critique. The results will not be included in the end of year totals for MCC certificates. 


Set Subject