Judge: Tracey Scott
Turn the clock back, and wind back some more, and maybe a tad bit more. Have fun with this topic. Last topic for the clubs 2022/2023 year.

Last topic for the clubs 2022/2023 year.  

Vintage - old stuff. Antiques - even older stuff. Sorry as of 26th June we have had to remove the PRINT option due to conflict with the Seddon Shield. 

  • Turn the clock back. something denoting from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. Any sort of items. 
    • https://colethompsonphotography.com/portfolios/collections/old-things/
  • Even win to stretch the topic  of 'vintage'
  • Take new photo's using vintage applications ... does your film camera still work ??  
    • https://www.adobe.com/nz/creativecloud/photography/discover/vintage-photography.html#:~:text=What%20is%20vintage%20photography%3F,cameras%20from%20the%20early%202000s. 
  • Can we clasify our elder family members as 'vintage' - only if they give you consent :-) and using the vintage styles. 


Set Subject

Critique judged by Tracey Scott.

Image of the month: Inglorious Demise   


Set or Open subject Title Rating Comment
Set Subject As Old as the Hills ACC A lovley rugged costal scene . When we read an image our eye usually travels from left to right the same way we read a book, here we are lead in to the view by the light house and the eye travels along these rugged cliffs then Im not really rewarded with anything as  my eye travels out of the frame .try flipping the image so the eye travels in and ends at the light house.
Set Subject No Traction ACC well exposed sharp Image with lots of great colours and textures, Just be aware of background distractions such as the brick wall and aluminium window that are not so vintage. So perhaps a vertical crop could have helped your composition and to remove those elements.
Set Subject Old homestead ACC Good subject selection, As a rule if you are going to crop tight then crop tight on all sides, when you crop very tight at the bottom and leave a large area at the top it can make a composition feel unbalanced.  a little more detail in that large white wall could have added to the character of the building.
Set Subject Ole town ACC The old lamp post adds to the story, Id like to have seen more detail in the sky, Its a bit bright and empty, perhaps some clouds would have helped balance the image.
Set Subject Relic in the Trees  Merit Good use of black and white to keep distractions to a minimum, and to give this an overall vintage feel.
Set Subject Resting Memories  HON So much detail and texture , held together by a harmonious colour pallette and a good strong central composition, well seen subject and well handled post production.
Set Subject AB608 Working Hard ACC It dosnt get more classic vintage than this, Just be careful of bright areas or distracting elements on the edge of the frame, here we have bright smoke leading the eye out of the top of the frame, A bright yellow area top right and a flax bush on the bottom centre of the frame all grabbing my attention.
Set Subject Beauty and power combine in the 1957 Austin Healey. ACC Good use of a low perspective to remove a lot of the back ground distractions and to get the viewer up close and personal to all that wonderful detailing. Again be aware of other distractions that could be easily removed such as the white patch to the left and the yellow sign  to the right.
Set Subject Chaos ACC I think this scene within the shed fills the set subject well but often less is more, Try taking your time to really look at a scene and ask what is drawing you in and try and work on just that area and find a strong single focal point.
Set Subject Neuschwanstein Castle ACC Well exposed postcard style Image, It just feels a little  like a record holiday image. to take it into a competition Image. Id like to have seen more of the photographers reaction to what they were seeing
Set Subject Steam through the hills ACC loving that thick black smoke, Not so sure the horizontal crop works as well as a vertical crop would have, Im getting distracting elements iwith the horizontal crop such as the road lines to the left.
Set Subject Vice ACC Beautiful lighting and a great use of a shallow depth of field all work well in this Image, I would however suggest cropping out or darkening the white area to the  bottom right as it is drawing the viewers attention away from the focal point of the Image.
B GRADE - OPEN      
Open Abandoned graveyard in the woods ACC Wonderful  filtered light through the trees. However the central figure has been photographed back on blocking the viewer from futher exploration and engagement., also there are some distracting bright areas to the left and right edge of the frame which could be cropped out.
Open Gusty dawn MERIT A beautiful vista reminisent of  the early colonial NZ paintings, The layers of hills the sky all invite me in to explore but I keep getting distracted by the muddy roads cut into the bank in the foreground on the right, Try cropping or cloning these out.
Set Subject 1927 Ford Model T ACC A suitable subject, well exposed and cropped, as an A grader Id like to see extra effort by the photographer to add intest for the viewer, perhaps that could be a model or the backdrop or some action, It feels a little one dimentional.
Set Subject Antique Singer Sewing ACC Good use of monotone to keep. Unwanted distractions to a minimum, Id like to have seen what they were sewing, My eye travels down the head of the machine to a large hand which blocks my view and the story feels half told .
Set Subject Avro Anson Hon A technically well captured  action Image that has been further enhanced with exceptional post production work to help keep the colour tones of the sky, the smoke and the plane united.
Set Subject Forgotten Boots Merit Good Diagonal composition, lovley complementary colour tones of greens and browns. I would lke to have seen the bright area at the back of the boots toned down and perhaps a touch more breathing space all around the boots, The crop felt a tad tight.but and otherwise lovley Image.
Set Subject Harvard 7660 HON we have all seen images of vintage planes front on, but seldom do we see so many choices made by the photographer combine to create what can only be described as a cinematic effect. Great use of DOF, Shutter speed, lens choice , Lighting, It all works so well together.
Set Subject Inglorious Demise                 HON Wow ! Not only has the photographer produced an Image to fill the brief they have also added some emotive feelings of nostalgia and forlorneness in there choice of post production techniques.
Set Subject Marlborough Flyer ACC Interesting low agle, The train is well framed by the greeen of the trees either side, the top of the image felt uncomfotably tight and Id like to have seen the mans face to bring this to a higher level.
Set Subject Nostalgia ACC Good use of a vignette to contain the viewers eye to the centre of the Image, The circle of soap suds witin the tub is the brightest area and the focal point, but when my eye travels there its not rewarded with anything, There is noting in the tub, Its a large expanse of white .
Set Subject Old Coin Operated Phone ACC Well framed, could do with a pop more contrast to lift the tonal range.
Set Subject Reclamation MERIT Well seen an amazing find. Be careful  to keep  your vertical and horizontal lines straight and watch for blown out highlights.
Set Subject Tasmanian Church ACC A lovley old church , The sky is rather bright with little detail and the tree behind the church roof is dark and dominant.
Set Subject The Old School Bus ACC The bus fulfils the Vintage theme perfectly, The angle and lens choice is wonderful as is the choice of colour tones. I so wanted to give this an Honours but it was held back for me by post production that wasnt up to the same skill level,  the hard grey halo around the bus  drew my eye away from the otherwise subtle pallet. well worth revisiting and re editing.
Set Subject Vintage Flying Machines ACC Good subject matter, But the composition was very busy leaving my eye going to the man on the right thirds but then jumping back to the other areas of red and blue.
Set Subject Vintage Grandeur MERIT The perspective complements the architectural patterns and design, well exposed. Id like to have seen something more introduced to hold my attention longer. 
Set Subject Worse for Wear ACC You have captured some great texture and patina, The large empty area to the top right and the tight crop at the left and bottom leaves the image feeling a little  unbalanced.
Set Subject Yesteryear Addictions MERIT The lighting used and the colour tones of the selected elements within the frame harmonize well together, But sometimes less is more , I think a tighter crop could help the overall composition.
A GRADE - OPEN      
Open At the beach MERIT Really hard to give any constructive criticism about this image as its great just the way it is, from the perspective, the lens choice, the DOF, The lighting, exposure its all spot on. Well done.
Open Entoloma hochstetteri HON Really hard to give any constructive criticism about this image as its great just the way it is, from the perspective, the lens choice, the DOF, The lighting, exposure its all spot on. Well done.